Dog Barkery.... Err, Bakery!

Dog Barkery.... Err, Bakery!

Dog Barkery.... Err, Bakery!


MMM...rrrff!, translation- give me some more! Gourmutt Delights, A Bakery for Dogs has opened it's doors offering our four-legged furry companions incredible, organic, and natural dog treats.  Mary Fletcher, owner of Gourmutt Delights, A Bakery for Dogs, had been making treats for her dogs for years. When she started considering a career change after the crazy economy of 2009 made her already stressful loan processing job more stressful, she decided to open a bakery for dogs.            

"It was perfect timing to transition to something new," says Fletcher.She wanted to do something that made people feel good. Having two dogs herself, Kingsley and Kallie, she knows that giving them treats makes her feel just as great as they do after devouring her fresh homemade snacks.  "People feel good about giving their dog something special." Whether they sit, roll, dance, or just look cute- dogs love getting treats and their tail-wagging joy always solicits a smile from their human.

Fletchers treats are made with ingredients that she buys locally from Vitamin Cottage. She uses fresh ingredients like carrots, eggs, strawberries, blueberries, and beets. There are no preservatives and no refined sugars either. Just wholesome goodness with lots of love mixed in.

Try a Pea-Mutt Butter and Carob Cookie or a Carob/White Chocolate Dalmatian Cookie. If Fido's birthday is coming up- order him a Carrot Cake for his birthday party! All ingredients are safe for dogs because Fletcher is a huge advocate for keeping your dog healthy. That's just one reason why she recommends buying her home-made treats. "All the national brand treats are packed with preservatives and by-products. I use organic and natural products... my dogs eat better than I do."

If you are out for a walk, drop by Gourmutt Delights- it's not far from the Animas River Trail- and your dogs will be sitting, without command, for more treats. Lay in waiting little kitties- Fletcher does plan to create snacks for cats and power bars for horses too.   

Gourmutt Delights is located at 1480 E. 2nd Ave., the previous location of Common Sense Cafe. They are open Mon-Fri from 10am-5:30pm and Sat 10am-2pm.


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