Overend Mountain Park: Get Out and Get Dirty

Overend Mountain Park: Get Out and Get Dirty

Three hundred acres of prime single track are literally out your back door. You may know it as "Durango Mountain Park," or perhaps the "Test Tracks." Now formerly named "Overend Mountain Park" (after world cycling champ and local resident- Ned Overend)- this place is a mountain biker's paradise. Especially right now- mountain biking conditions are excellent.

"It's all single track that's in the Overend Mountain Park. There are lots of walkers, joggers, nature lovers and wild life. But, it has really smooth, sweeping ride and super fun single track so it attracts a lot of mountain bikers," says John Glover of Mountain Bike Specialists. Trails referred to as Star Wars, Hidden Meadow Loop, and Spirit Loop boast tight corners, speedy downhill, and of course some (moderate/hard) climbing. 

Head's up- "Overend Hill" on the Southeast corner of the park is pretty tough to clean- it's steep and the shale at the top just might send you off your bike. Walking or jogging? You've probably gone up this if you're headed to the top of Hog's Back. (Some super technically savvy mountain bikers climb to the top of Hog's Back....and yes, they ride down it too!?!)

Whatever your skill level- Overend Mountain Park has something for everyone. It's the perfect time of year to get out and get dirty on your mountain bike.  When you go, be prepared: take water, a first aid kit, repair kit for your bike, and don't forget your helmet! Have fun out there.

Photo by Mike Wilk



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