WHOLISTIC FITNESS- Available Now in Durango

WHOLISTIC FITNESS- Available Now in Durango

By Brenda Armstrong

Perhaps you've never heard the term "Wholistic FitnessTM" Yes, you've heard of Holistic Living and possibly you even identify with the tenents of such a lifestyle: living in balance with ourselves and our environment. Simply put, if you expand the concept of "living in balance with ourselves," you get "Wholistic FitnessTM," or the art of balancing exercise, yoga, meditation, and nutrition in a lifestyle-oriented spiritual practice. 

Coach Steve Ilg, founder of Wholistic FitnessTM, is Durango's newest (well, he's not really new, he's just back), high performing athlete, trainer and Yoga instructor. Wholistic FitnessTM - which Ilg created in 1982 -  combines strength and cardiovascular training, yoga, meditation, and nutrition into a spiritual "wholistic" practice.  "Wholistic FitnessTM is a simple yet powerful blend of Western training methods and Eastern spirituality that sculpts your body and quickly improves performance in any sport," says Coach Steve Ilg. 

Wholistic Fitness® is not just for star athletes. People at every fitness level benefit from practicing Wholistic Fitness®. The reason is this: it's more than just a thing you do here and there. It's a concept you live and practice everyday, a "wholistic" practice. For instance, as you read this?  How is your posture?  Where is your breath? How soft or hard are you holding your feet?  How long has it been since you used in your mouse in your Non-Dominant Hand? Such are the "workouts which are everywhere" within the Wholistic FitnessTM methodology. Since the early 80's, Ilg has been working with individuals of all ability levels to improve their sport performance and experience a more balanced life by translating their habits, good and bad, into a "wholistic" practice that is good for the body, mind, and soul. Ilg's mission is to get you to realize that you are more capable than you ever imagined- that's in everything you do... from exercising and working to playing and parenting.

Cardiovascular and Strength Training: Our body's foundation depends on the function of a strong, regularly beating heart that provides nutrition to the muscles that are attached to the bones that carry us around. Training these together is fundamental to our overall health.

Yoga and Meditation: Yoga is perhaps the yin to cardiovascular and strength training's yang. Asanas of yoga elicit muscle fibers expansion, breath awareness and gentle yet powerful physical training for the entire body. And meditation provides our bodies with space and time to rest which is healing and revitalizing. Ilg teaches two powerful Yoga classes at The Hub Training Center. 

Nutrition: Optimal performance would be nil without adequate and proper nutrition. Quality foods feed the cells that circulate in our body, it feeds our energy stores and provides the means necessary for functioning. Poor foods invite stagnation in our cellular bodies, holding us down, affecting our body's functions clear to the cellular level. Learning how to balance cell nourishing foods with cleansing foods is a fundamental first step in Wholistic FItnessTM nutrition.   Preparing, mindful cooking, heart-oriented serving, and appreciating real, wholesome and nutritious food supports optimal living, loving, and training. 

Inspired? Interested in taking on the Wholistic Fitness® lifestyle? Visit WholisticFitness.com to learn much more about Coach Ilg's approach to fitness as a spiritual practice! Or, get out there and try a High Performance Yoga class for yourself. Visit  www.HighPerformanceYoga.com . for more.  Individuals of all levels are invited, but you might want to call The Hub in advance to sign up as classes fill up quickly.

Here is Coach Ilg's current Teaching Schedule:

Mondays 5:30 - 7:00pm - Mixed Flows throughout the month.

After a great weekend of fun outside, come inside to provide your body, mind and spirit with the healing and rejuvenation it needs to have a great week. 

Wednesdays 10-11:00 am - Morning Energizing Flow

Enjoy an energizing yet not over-enthusiastic sequence intended to wake up the primary portals of the energetic body and get you ready for the day.

Wednesdays 5:430-7:00pm - High Performance "PROP WORKOUTTM"

Ilg's PROP WORKOUTS are world-exclusive; offering challenging, but incredibly rewarding exercise.  This "Pilgrimage of Purification" begins with a 30 minute, powerful core workout. You'll feel this all the way into next week. Some might call it... humbling. 

*At this time, HP Yoga is only available at The Hub Training Center and through DVD's. The Hub is located at 489 Florida Rd.  


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