July 10, 2010 10:00 pm - 2:00 amDoors Open @ 9:00pm18+ Ages$5 At the door

The Local Passion of Elizabeth Kanahan

She has been painting her whole life, and always loved it but didn't believe it was possible to make a living at it.  Durango is fortunate to have so many local artists, and has found the passion within one of our very own.

Durango Meets 'Eno'

Newly opened Wine Bar 'Eno' is Durango's fresh new wine lounge where you can sink into a relaxing atmosphere while savoring the tastes of a huge variety of fine wines.

Ahh...Choo! Try a sweet natural remedy

It's that time of year Durango, tis' the season for allergies.  Stuffiness, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, headache, & coughing & runny nose....yuck.

Organic Tradition at Fox Fire Farms

Many of us are growing more and more 'cautious' of what we put into our bodies these days.  Rightfully so since most of the foods we need to nourish our bodies are riddled with chemicals and lack essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pedal Around Downtown

Whether you're on a day visit, on vacation in Durango, or a Durango resident, you won't want to miss out on Durango's bicycle trails or historic downtown.  Bike Riding is one of the greatest outdoor activities in Durango and since cycling makes for wonderful family entertainment, we've found a place that can make th

Celebrate The River!

Get ready for a wet & wild weekend Durango! Starting Thursday, June 10th 2010 through Sunday, June 13th 2010, The Animas River Days is finally here.

Success - Abundance - Sisterhood

Attention all you Beautiful Matriarch Women;Are you ready to enjoy three hours of fun, food, wine, door prizes, and chance to hear from our local Matriarch Speakers and Board Members?

A Hike Along The Colorado Trail... Just One Of Durango, CO's Little Pleasures

Could Colorado get anymore beautiful?!?!? There is a place us Durangoans know along the Colorado trail. We like to think of it as a place to calm your thoughts, or get in some after work exercise. Whatever the case, we call it the Junction Creek trail.

A Hot Weekend Is Nothing To Waste...


Hot enough for you this weekend? Remember only a few weeks ago when it was still threatening to snow? Well, not any more... Summer is here folks and this weekend was a reminder that Durango can get hot! But as the temperature rises, so does the action on the trail systems, cliffs, boulders, rivers, lakes and more. ShareThis