City Offers Public Workshop on Community Character and Land Use


City Offers Public Workshop on Community Character and Land Use


The community character and land use public workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, March 3rd, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Durango Public Library. The workshop will be presented primarily using posters to convey general information and ideas about land use and its relationship to community character; the "community character continuum" as it relates to Durango; and alternative ways (other than use) to protect and enhance community character.

More specific posters will focus in on "opportunity areas" where the future character may change, and "stable areas" where future character is (at this preliminary stage) expected to be similar to existing character.

For residents who have not yet participated in the Land Use Development Code update process, this workshop will also be used to introduce the project and provide information about the schedule, future workshops, and other ways to participate (e.g., through the web site).

Comments regarding priorities and appropriate vocabulary for discussing community issues will be taken through discussions and in writing, including sticky notes (that participants can apply to the posters directly) and general comment cards.

For more information, call the City Planning Offices at 375-4850.